Market Booth Conversations

Every conversation with a customer is an opportunity to learn something new when it comes to food.  In fact, we should always approach our everyday conversations with an expectation of learning something new.  When we do this, we replace our subjectivity with objectivity and spend far less time listening to ourselves and more time learning from

Farm to mind, pen to paper

Sometimes, when a teaching farmer or a farming teacher has a spare moment the experience of rural country life finds expression in poetic form.  Although I’m no Bill Shakespeare, I still enjoy the craftiness one is permitted in blending words on paper or computer screen.  Below is a poem that I wrote for our local

Google Search

Good afternoon! For those of you looking to gain access to the website hosted on you can either type or google MacCurdy Farm and find the link down the page that says, “Between Two Hay Bales The Official Blog of MacCurdy Farm.”  As of right now, it is the 4th link on a google search and

MacCurdy Farm needs

Good evening MacCurdy Farm supporters.  I trust the end of summer is treating you all very well.  On the farm, we’re busy preparing the chicken barn to house our chickens over the winter.  We’re also attaching a run to the side of the barn for outdoor access during the winter months while the birds are