Farm to mind, pen to paper

Sometimes, when a teaching farmer or a farming teacher has a spare moment the experience of rural country life finds expression in poetic form.  Although I’m no Bill Shakespeare, I still enjoy the craftiness one is permitted in blending words on paper or computer screen.  Below is a poem that I wrote for our local Caledonian Society (Scottish cultural society) as a toast to the women of the society.  Enjoy!

To the Caledonian Lassies 
Written by Justin MacCurdy
‘Tis been a while since I’ve seen ye,
Fairest lassies in tartan weave,
How beautiful your countenance,
A pristine Sgian Dubh, unsheathed,
Now, with the beauty of the thistle,
Comes the prickly thorn,
Wrought with anger is the maiden,
From whence a love is torn,
Let the Saltire fly she boasts,
And the heather grow in mounds,
I am the lioness rampant,
My pride across the sea abounds,
Hold dear your celtic soulmate,
Name her anam-charaid,
Place a fond kiss upon her,
a braided knot, I say,
Woman of my clan I vow,
Te always stand beside thee,
To lift my Gaelic Spirits,
To toast my Caledonian lassie.
I will have some more submissions to share as the months go by.  Hopefully, they improve in readability, flow, and depth.  The farm will undoubtedly continue to be a source of inspiration in penning poems heavily influenced by the pastoral lifestyle of a grass based farm.
Slainte mhath!

The saltire

The Scottish flag

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