A locavore is a person who purchases and eat foods grown in their region or foodshed. One would buy produce, meat, spices, etc. during the growing and harvest season within their region and either eat it fresh, preserve it, or can it. This lessens the amount of money spent at grocery stores on food that has been transported hundreds of miles. Locavores support local sustainable small farms who raise food the right way using organic practices. However, one can also act as locavore by planting their own gardens or raising their own meat chickens or egg layers for example.

By eating food within your foodshed you become more deeply connected to the source of your food and the sense of community it creates. Supporting local food producers has important political, environmental, and economic impacts. Our choice to eat local helps to create a voice for food producers and consumers. The force for change of our food economy and overall system is in the hands of the person purchasing local foods.

Become a Restigouche locavore!