Address to the Future Generation of Farmers

This autumn’s hiatus from our farm blog was not without thought from the wheels of pensivity.  I had much time to muse over material for our next blog.  Many ideas crossed my mind, especially with the arrival of our new greenhouse kit from multishelter solutions but sadly, with an early start to winter I was left … Read more Address to the Future Generation of Farmers

Must have books – Small Farming

Small farms and hobby farms share a common characteristic, the owners or managers of the farm don’t always have an education in agriculture under their belt.  They also don’t always have the disposable income to register in online courses on livestock management, pest control, animal medicine, and soil management techniques.  What could you possibly do … Read more Must have books – Small Farming

Contact Info

Contact Person: Justin MacCurdy Telephone Number: 1-506-685-0429 Farm Address: 29337 Route 134 Point La Nim, NB E3N 6C9   Justin Email: [contact-form][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Website” type=”url” /][contact-field label=”Message” type=”textarea” /][/contact-form]      

Job Opportunities

We currently only hire harvesters and help for the hay field.  As our farm business grows we will be more likely to make more part-time work available.  It is our goal to eventually offer employment. We currently pay $12 – $15 /hr during hay season and harvest season.  All other work is done by the … Read more Job Opportunities

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Affiliate Marketing for All of Us

Today’s person is always looking for a way to get ahead, to meet the demands of the debts our society places upon us.  Many of us are married to our jobs, working just to make ends meet, week after week, month after month, year after year.  Our financial burdens quickly morph into stresses, stresses that … Read more Wealthy Affiliate Review – Affiliate Marketing for All of Us

Men’s Work Boots: A Necessity for the Farm

Staying warm has been a focus of mankind for eons during the Winter months, those long cold, blustery, snow-filled, Winter months.  Staying dry goes hand in hand with staying warm.  On the farm, during those long work days of our Canadian Winters, wearing quality work clothing is important for your health as well as your … Read more Men’s Work Boots: A Necessity for the Farm

Jack Lalanne’s Fusion Juicer Review – Your Health is affordable

Product:  Jack Lalanne’s Fusion Juicer Price: $230 Guarantee: Lifetime motor warranty Place to Buy: Amazon   On MacCurdy Farm we love growing our own juicing veggies.  Local culinary favourites like carrots, beets, cucumbers, and zucchini work wonderfully in a juicer set up.  Each of these vegetables are filled with juice, succulent nutrient filled juice. The Jack Lalanne’s Fusion … Read more Jack Lalanne’s Fusion Juicer Review – Your Health is affordable

Farm Buckets – Fortiflex

Quality farm buckets are a hot commodity in livestock operations. In fact they are worth every drop they hold. There are always uses to be found for buckets on farms. Buckets can be used to feed, water, carry, and store dry supplies. Not to mention, you may need an impromptu stepping stool. Run-of-the-mill buckets are … Read more Farm Buckets – Fortiflex

About MacCurdy Farm

Welcome to MacCurdy Farm, a website that seeks to share information about all things related to small diversified farming including value added products, fresh food, and healthy living. OUR STORY Our farm is situated on the banks of the Restigouche River as it widens into the Bay of Chaleur. The rolling hay acreage and woodland … Read more About MacCurdy Farm

Lambing – Are you prepared?

Every late Winter, early Spring our ewes make preparations to bring fourlegged beauties into the barn,  Sometimes they arrive as singles, doubles, and triples.  But, more isn’t always errier.  More lambs, mean more mouths to feed and more vigilance on the part of the sheep farmer.  A farmer must be prepared ahead of lambing to … Read more Lambing – Are you prepared?

Healing a sick ram – Supportive Care and Porter Beer

In four years of sheep farming, I’ve not encountered much sickness in our small flock apart from some body condition issues due to an early education on the importance of deworming and feed quality provision.  Farmers, like all animals lovers, develop bonds with their animals.  There is a fine line between pet and farm animal … Read more Healing a sick ram – Supportive Care and Porter Beer