A Turkey Walking on Pasture is Poultry in Motion

2013 was a year of novelty for MacCurdy Farm.  2014 has brought it’s own new additions to the farm grounds.  The school year is winding down with assessments, school trips, and other educational activities each with it’s own stresses.  Meanwhile, our diversifying farm continues to provide it’s own busy work.  We are ready for the arrival of our 200

Multi-purpose MacCurdy Farm Brooder

Incubation, hatching, and brooding season is upon us.  Every Spring poultry enthusiasts, hobbyists, and farmers start to set eggs to grow their flocks.  Provincial regulations, say what you will about the quota system, currently allow farmers without quota to have 199 laying hen and 199 meat birds on farm without a quota.  I’ll blog about

Hatching chicks on MacCurdy Farm

It’s been a year long wait, but we’ve finally purchased an incubator to hatch eggs on the farm.  We purchased the hovabator genesis 1588 incubator at the recommendation of another poultry enthusiast/farmer.  Unfortunately, one part was broken but Incubator Warehouse mailed a replacement part free of charge with free shipping and without fuss, which was