Quality farm buckets are a hot commodity in livestock operations. In fact they are worth every drop they hold. There are always uses to be found for buckets on farms. Buckets can be used to feed, water, carry, and store dry supplies. Not to mention, you may need an impromptu stepping stool. Run-of-the-mill buckets are cheap and affordable and have their use on a farm but they don’t have the longevity and durability of Fortiflex buckets. Our livestock operation relies strongly on these buckets.

We first started using Forti-flex Flat-Back buckets with our horses. The general use 5 gallon buckets were getting kicked around, cracked from getting stepped on, and the handles were breaking off of them. At the suggestion of another horse farmer we bought and used a couple of Forti-flex buckets. The larger opening and shallower pail made it easier for the horses to eat and drink from the pails. If a pail spent the night in the pen and was on the receiving end of kicks and stomps, it would emerge the next day in the same condition. We’ve even heard of farmers driving over them only to have them return to their original shape. These buckets are very durable.


Winter Use

Inside the sheep barn the tops of 5 gallon buckets would ice over. We’d gently tap the ice to break it up after a cold night of -25 Degrees Celsius only to have the plastic fracture from the impact. That lead to patch jobs with tape and headache after headache fixing pails. Buying Fortiflex buckets saved us the trouble of bucket repair and iced over tops. Even with our bitterly cold Winters in the month of January and February the buckets do not freeze over in our barn. Our barns are heated only with the sunlight of the day and the communal body heat of the animals and yet the water in the Fortiflex buckets, most likely due to the heavy grade plastic does not freeze over the way the water does in the 5 gallon pails. These buckets can stand the cold temperatures of our extended Winter season.


Our Fortiflex buckets have stood the test of time with our sheep. We carry feed to their feed pans in them, use them as waterers, and lug them around loaded with supplies. They truly are a multi-purpose bucket. One feature of the flat backed Fortiflex buckets that we really like is the shape of the handle. Pails that rest in bedding instead of hanging on a hook end up with bedding debris and fecal matter in the water, which is good for a toss out the old manure window.

Fortiflex pails have a bend in the handle that allow it to hang from a corner post, a wall, or a panel. This keeps the water above the bedding where ewes and rams can drink easily. There are several different hanging mounts available on the internet that go for a fair price.  If you’re handy at welding, you can construct your own.  Hanging at a higher height also keeps lambs from falling in the water when they are in the jugs with their mothers. These buckets are our go-to for watering buckets with our sheep and cattle.  The galvanized handles feel secure in your hand when you are lugging them to thirsty animals.


Farm buckets are multi-purpose items that can be used by one and all.  When empty, the Forti-flex buckets weigh approximately 2.8 lbs.  Filled with water the buckets weigh just over 40 lbs.  On the farm a capable young adolescent can handle that carrying weight for mom and dad.  The durability of these buckets make them a Jack-of-all-trades for the working person.  We always find a use for them on the farm and around the farm house.


Farm buckets are a key item for any farming venture. On our livestock operation we make use of 5 gallon pails for harvesting produce, old cat litter bins to store hardware like nails and fencing staples, and fortiflex buckets and products for the livestock part of our operation. In our line of work we look for quality and affordability when purchasing products, but always quality before affordability. Forti-flex flat-back buckets have the quality and affordability that you are looking for in a bucket and can be found at your local Feed store or online.

Justin MacCurdy

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  1. Jake


    Hi, I think that farm buckets are a definite necessity when you were on the farm. Like you said, there are so many uses for them. It makes sense that they need to be incredibly durable. When you are buying equipment for your work, you want to buy high-quality because it lasts. I was very impressed when I read that they can survive the horses kicking them and being ran over by a tractor.

    • admin


      They are the most durable buckets that I have ever used and ever will use.  A bold statement, I know.  But they are strong, like their name implies, FORT-iflex.

  2. Christine


    Hi, I have been looking for a system to leave water out for passing cows, horses, donkeys, and mules for so long, and finally finally I found your site! You have given me a solution!

    I am not a farmer, but I was looking for exactly this, buckets to leave water out for those animals. I live in a rural area in Mexico, and livestock wander around a lot. it is considered normal. We live in the semidesert, so during and after rain season there are enough plants to eat and there is plenty of water to drink, but during the dry months it is often hard for those animals. So, for a while I have been thinking of helping them by providing them with water all year round. They really have a hard time sometimes … 

    The Forti-Flex buckets seem perfect for this. I will order them and use them for the cows, horses, donkeys, and mules that pass by my property all the time. In the future I will build a trough for them with bricks, but for now, these buckets are the perfect solution. I could hang them from the wall of my garage, which is at the street.

    Thank you!!

    • admin


      You can purchase the mounting brackets along with the buckets. I have done this so that I can hang the buckets in my livestock pens. 

  3. RazvanIlie


    Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Farm Buckets and explanations are given.

    My uncle owns a cow farm and wants new buckets. But he is not very good with the internet so he asked me to help him search. I have read many articles, but this is the best I have read. I will definitely buy these buckets for him.

    Thanks again and keep in touch !

    • admin


      Your uncle will be very pleased with these buckets.  The 20 quart buckets are the best size for larger livestock and can be used as feed pails or watering pails.

  4. MrBiizy


    After reading through this post, I discovered that although I have seen and used several buckets before, I have not seen any bucket that possess all of those qualities and properties as Fortiflex buckets. It’s so strong that it even went through torture from the horses and does not even crack. This is my first time to see this bucket and I truly love it. Very suitable for cold and hot season and durable too. I’d love to own some of these buckets.

    • admin


      Great deals can be found on them online.  I recently purchased a few more for my sheep operation to prepare for lambing this coming Spring.  However, I usually buy the smaller 8 qt buckets for individual pens.

  5. Jerry


    Hello MacCurdy Farm,

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to comment on your article. 

    I am familiar with those average five gallon buckets you have mentioned, I must say that I have never heard of the Forti-Flex Buckets. From the way it sounds, you have had a great deal of success with these buckets. This is very interesting and sounds like a very useful tool that will become prominent in farming. 

    You have really done an outstanding job in your Testing on this topic! 

    Thank you so much for creating this informative, article and allowing me to comment.

    Blessings To You My Friend,


  6. Md Millat


    Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article with us. Your article was interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about Farm Buckets. I have a poultry chicken farm, I have used to poultry chicken farm for the farm bucket. I bought and used it and I got a lot of profit from doing business with the firm and at a low cost, I was able to succeed. I read a lot of valuable information by reading your article I have benefited from this valuable information. I think other people like me will benefit from reading your article and getting valuable information. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later so thank you again for sharing such a beautiful post.Best of luck.

    • admin


      Glad to meet a fellow farmer. I started my farming adventure with poultry farming and then branched off into Sheep.  Thanks for the bookmark!

  7. Feji ben


    In a farm one of the essentials are the farm buckets as they can be very handy when it comes to carrying stuffs and also storing things too although some types are a bit expensive but it very to have them..thanks allot for this awesome article it would be of help to us all.

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