Baked Beans

Baked Beans: If you are like me and have grown up in rural North America you probably have eaten a recipe like this one!  You could probably also rhyme off the old song,

“Beans, beans, the musical fruit.  The more you eat the more you toot.  The more you eat, the better you feel, so let’s have beans for every meal!”


Baked beans are the perfect sidedish with breakfast or a supper breakfast (The meals you eat when you’re lazy and you don’t want to cook anything so breakfast number 2 arrives).  Growing up next to the family farm, baked beans were a staple food that could be found on the stove top of the old L’Islet wood stove at my MacCurdy grandparents.  Grammy MacCurdy still makes them.  Actually she makes this near exact recipe except she bakes them in her crockpot.  She graciously gave me this recipe from her mother, my Great Grandmother Jardine.  I am so thankful to have it, a gem that has made it’s way through the family tree, from generation to generation.


1.  1 lb Navy Baked Beans – Thompson Brand

2.  2 tbsp Fancy’s Molasses

3.  2 tbsp Ketchup or tomato paste

4.  2 tbsp Brown Sugar or substitute

5.  1 tsp Sea Salt

6.  1 tsp Dry Powdered Mustard

7.  1 Small onion, whole or chopped

8.  1/4 tsp of ginger (Flatulence modifier)

9.  Filtered water (Enough to cover the beans in the slow cooker)


Navy beans pre-soak

Pour two cups of navy beans into a mixing bowl.  Cover with water.  Leave the beans soak for 4 to 6 hours.  In the meantime, step outside and enjoy the great outdoors.  We like to get out and cross-country ski, snowshoe, or go snowboarding at our local ski hill.

After you’ve completed your outdoor Winter activity, strain the beans and rinse with water a second time.

Time for the Slow-cooker

Place the rinsed beans in the slow – cooker and cover with water.  We use clean water from our Kangen water unit, which filters out heavy metals, particulates, and other chemicals in the water.   Clean water makes food taste good and it’s good for you.  Need I say more?

Add the rest of the ingredients to the slow-cooker and give a gentle stir to mix in the ketchup and molasses.  Old fashion wooden spoons work the best.

Cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.  After 6 hours check the tenderness of the beans and the level of juices.  If the bean liquid has dried out at all, top off with water.


Baked beans are a healthy food.  After removing the lectins in the pre-soak and rinse, you are left with a high fibre and protein meal.  If you so desire you can alter the amount of sugar and substitute with vegetable puree and tomato paste.  This slow cooker recipe can also be fed to toddlers but it is recommended that sugars be substituted with sugar alternatives or vegetable based sugars.  Baked beans are a wholesome and healthy meal to share with family on cold Winter nights or as a soul food when you are feeling ill.

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