Heritage Breed Poultry

Currently not breeding for sale as of March 17, 2017

We breed our two main heritage breeds.  The Plymouth Barred Rock and Delaware form the backbone of our pastured laying hen operation.  We breed annually for new stock.  Currently our set up allows us to hatch between 6 to 42 chicks at a time in our hovabator genesis 1588 incubator.  Our three heritage breeds are cold and heat hardy, are excellent layers, and very calm to have around young children.  At the beginning of Spring we start our first hatch and continue, when there is demand, until September.  We ask that those customers coming to the farm to pick up birds, wear clean footwear (not barn footwear) in an effort to prevent the transmission of disease.

Sexing: Both of our breeds can be sexed from an earlier age (3 – 5 weeks old) but not at an early age with 100% accuracy.  Plymouth Barred Rock chicks have distinctly different colored feathering beginning at about 3 – 4 weeks of age.  The darker black/gray are females, while the lighter black/gray are males.  With the Delawares, generally the whiter feathered birds are female and the birds mixed with more black are male.  I have found this to be true.  We sell straight run (Usually comes out close to 50 – 50 between males and females) for day to week olds.  Once chicks are able to be sexed the price goes up given that we need to keep as many hens as possible for our egg and breeding operations.

Things to Consider:

Young chicks are very prone to picking up diseases and infections from other birds so it is important that you have cleaned/disinfected/sanitized a living space for them with adequate heat, feed, water, and space that is not shared with other chicks or adult birds.  Heat should be 95 degrees for the first week and decrease by 5 degrees each week until they are fully feathered.  For day olds, I sprinkle starter on newspaper for the first two days to train the chicks to feed.  Their beaks must be dipped in water to condition them to the necessity of water for life.  While inside their makeshift brooder make sure there are no 90 degree corners where they can pile together and suffocate one another.  Having the temperature set properly with space to move around can help to avoid this devastating experience.  It is the responsibility of the customer to have all these requirements in order once the chicks have left our farm.  We sincerely hope that all birds leaving our farm will go to loving and caring owners.  We reserve the right to refuse sale if it is determined that our birds lives would be endangered and an ethic of care for our animals disregarded.

Plymouth Barred Rock chick

Plymouth Barred Rock chick

Delaware chick picture coming soon…

Prices (Same for each breed) – Unavailable 2018

Hatching eggs – $3.50 each.

Day Olds (Atleast 2-3 days old) – $6.00 each.

Week old chicks – $8.00 each.
(If chicks are ordered and not picked up within the first week, the price goes up by a dollar for every week they are kept at the farm.)

Guaranteed sexed pullets – $20.00

Laying hens (laying age not pullets) – $25.00

Breeding Roosters – $15.00

Crosses/Hybrids – $15.00 at laying age

Pick up only.  No shipping at this time.



31 thoughts on “Heritage Breed Poultry

  1. pascal

    quelle especes de coq reproducteur vous avez


    • I have Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, Plymouth Barred Rock, and Easter Egger Roosters for sale. We are breeding New Hampshire Red, Plymouth Barred Rock, and Black Australorp this year, 2015.


  2. pascal

    est ce que vous etes situer loin de cambelton


  3. pascal

    ok cool its a bit to early for pick hatching eggs but maybe in a month…tank


    • I am currently doing a hatch for Easter and have sold hatching eggs to a couple people so far. However, I can collect hatching eggs for you in a months time. Just let me know.


  4. pascal

    i want to now if its possible for you to keep me 6 hatching eggs of black australorp and 6 more of new emchire red for the week of 12 april just ask me if have any probleme tanks


  5. Luc DeRoche

    I’d like a couple of pullets (Rhode Island Red or NHR and Plymouth Barred Rocks). Could pick them up anytime.


  6. Luc DeRoche

    Ok, how about layers?


  7. Luc DeRoche

    Ok, thanks


  8. Kyle Murray

    Hello sir, I was wondering if you had any breeds available and when you will have some hatched, looking to get week olds if you have any at $8 a chick like posted above. Also wondering if you are breedind RIR, if not I will get some NHR and BR probably. email me! thanks


  9. Guy Poirier

    I am looking for 5 x Rhode Island Red hens almost or just ready to lay eggs. Do you have some if so I would like to buy, I will pick up !


    • Ready to lay will be available as pullets in september. However, I no longer have RIR birds, just New Hampshire Red.


      • Guy Poirier

        Thats ok, I would take the Black Australorp hens how old are they ?

        Thanks !


  10. Geniva anderson

    Ok so i dont know much about chickens but we currently have 4 laying hens of mixed breeds. And one rooster. My question is could we purchase a laying plymouth rock hen and put her with our other ones or will they fight? Lol thank


    • A new hen will automatically go to the bottom of the pecking order until she establishes herself so depending on the natural behavior of your hens she could or could not get bullied. Introduction of a new animal always requires attention and care. I would introduce a new hen at night and then check on her the next morning. I currently only have chicks for sale and no hens. Hens are available in late summer early fall.


      • Kyle Murray

        Will you be selling Barred rock pullets late summer/ beginning of September? and how much would you charge for them? Thanks


  11. Luc DeRoche

    Do you have hybrid layers available at this time?


  12. Luc DeRoche

    My 3 Barred Plymouth Rock and Australorp started regular egg production this past week. Fermented feed helped. Beautiful birds, thanks.


    • Mike

      Would you have or know of Scots Grays or Dumpys for here in Canada??


      • I have been trying to get my hands on some for two years now. I started a forum on backyard chickens in search of them, but had no luck other than finding some breeders in the UK but I am not willing to go through the red tape to get them here. I’d rather go through an established breeding flock in Canada. Should you come across anything, let me know and I’ll be sure to do the same.


    • Glad to hear it. I hope they bring lots of hen fruit to you in the next couple years. Should you ever need a rooster and wish to breed them, I have some roosters available.


  13. Luc Deroche

    I’d like 2 New Hampshire pullets, I suppose they would be ready next September?


    • I have stopped breeding New Hampshire Reds. I am only carrying Plymouth Barred Rock and Delaware at the moment. Pullets would be ready in September.


  14. Luc Deroche

    Ok then, I’ll take 2 Delawares.


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