MacCurdy Farms Logo

MacCurdy Farms Logo

Today, August 29, 2013, is launch day for our blogsite.  On our blog you will find information on Farm History, Farm Philosophy and Principles, Team Mac, Our Beef, Our Chickens, Pricelist, and Become a Locavore.  Hopefully, these links will serve to inform you about several aspects of the family farm.  Farming involves a set of values and beliefs, which are reflected in our best practices on the farm.  It involves outreach and education about the principles and methods behind our products.  Most importantly, it puts faces on the names of farmers who work daily to provide healthy and nutritious food for the people of our local foodshed within Restigouche County.  At this point in time we are refining our pricelist menu so look for that in the very near future.  The site is open to comments however, I would urge people to come see us face to face or message us privately if they’d like to discuss any hot topic issues on farming and local food supply as this blog is not intended for open-ended debates on these issues.  On the contrary, it is geared towards bringing people into the light on issues of food connection from farm to plate.

I would like to thank Rick Hutchinson from Hutchinson graphic design for his tireless work on making this project come to life as well as our illustrator, Mitch Martin, who created a superior quality logo for our product.  Most importantly a huge thank you to our customer base who have either supported us intermittently or given us their continued patronage.  Your support goes a long way to insure that we can continue to provide top quality and healthy food products to the local region.

In the weeks and months to come you will find several monthly blog posts on everything from what is going on at the farm to global news on local food movements.  Come see us at the Restigouche Farmer’s Market!


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