Good evening MacCurdy Farm supporters.  I trust the end of summer is treating you all very well.  On the farm, we’re busy preparing the chicken barn to house our chickens over the winter.  We’re also attaching a run to the side of the barn for outdoor access during the winter months while the birds are off pasture.  Diversifying a farm operation has many costs like feed, infrastructure, material, etc. so I thought we’d list some of the materials that we are looking for to enhance our operation next year.

  1. 55 gallon barrels to store feed. (They must be food grade).
  2. Corrugated tin roofing/siding (We are building another 4 or 5 pens over the winter to be ready for the spring)
  3. Rough sawn lumber or someone with a portable mill so that we can turn our softwood into lumber.
  4. Used portable car ports for chicken/turkey housing while they are on pasture.
  5. Cedar shingles
  6. Asphalt shingles

If any of you have any of these materials in excess or you are looking to sell them, please let us know.  Having the support of our local community members makes things easier when we are trying to gain ground in the local organic food supply market.  We are not asking for anything for free.  We are only looking to lessen the amount of time spent looking for these materials.  A big thank-you to those of you in the past year who went out of your way to let us know that you had these building materials for sale.  As always your feedback, questions, and/or concerns are always welcome.  Should you have any of these building materials you can contact us on our MacCurdy Farm Facebook page or message me via email at

Thank you/Merci/Tapadh leibh!

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