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As most of you know, Mr. MacCurdy farms on the side outside of school.  It’s a passion of mine and has been since growing up on our multi-generational family farm in Point La Nim.  Mr. MacCurdy’s flock of Shetland sheep are due to lamb any day now so I thought I would get my students at DRHS involved in a naming contest for 2020’s lambs.

On MacCurdy Farm, we name each and everyone of our animals.  It’s been a long standing tradition that I upheld with our flock of Shetland sheep.  Our lambs are born every Spring usually weighing between 6 and 8 lbs, so they are tiny creatures…in need of names.


  1. Step one – Pick a name for the lamb. (Has to be appropriate)
  2. Step two – Write a 50 – 100 word or more persuasive piece.  You are trying really hard to convince Mr. Mac to choose your name suggestion, or should I say persuasion…lol.  See the model below.
  3. Step three – Submit your suggestion via email to


Contest ends April 30th or when the ewes finish lambing, whichever comes first.



Ram lamb name (boy):

Bolt.  I think Bolt would be an appropriate name for a lamb, ram lamb, because of how fast they run.  I can picture little Bolt jumping up and kicking his heels before bolting out of the gate into the pasture.  Bolt is also a fitting name because bolts are made of steel.  Little ram lambs often butt their heads against other lambs and even walls.  Their heads are as hard a steel bolt.  Finally, Usain Bolt is the fastest runner in the world but even he couldn’t catch a ram lamb, even with a shepherds hook.  Wouldn’t it be cool if the lamb was born with a lightning bolt pattern on his face or head?

Ewe lamb name (girl):

Mary.  Whenever I think of lambs I always think of the Mary had a Little Lamb nursery rhyme.  Even though Mary is the name of the farmer’s daughter, I think it is a suitable name for a wee ewe lamb, especially a white one because Mary’s little lamb had a fleece as white as snow.  Historically, Mary was also the name of the mother of Jesus Christ, who we call the lamb of God.  Lambs are so innocent and pure so a holy name would work as well.  There is another nursery rhyme called, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary”, that provides more support for naming the lamb, Mary.  Sheep can be stubborn (contrary) some times causing frustration in the farmer.  These are all reasons why Mary is a good choice for a name.  Wouldn’t it be cool if the lamb waited for you the same way Mary’s lamb waited for her at school?

Contest Winners

Three contest winners will have their chosen names and stories placed in a blog on the MacCurdy Farm website, which will be posted after the pandemic passes with a picture of you holding the lamb named through your successful submission of your persuasive piece.


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  1. Sydney Simonson


    I have one name in mind. I feel that Lilac is a good name for a girl lamb because sheep eat flowers and i personally like it because my sisters and i are all named after flowers. Also,i think that Lilac is a well suited name for a young female lamb because Lilacs bloom between late April and early may.when you hear the name Lilac you will always remember whenever she was born.
    Thank you for reading to what i had to say, i hope you pick the name lilac.

    • admin


      When all of the lambs have been born, which should be by the end of April.

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