We are now taking orders for 50 lb orders.  Although barbecue season has become a distant memory, most of us are beginning to dust off the roasting pans and slow cookers for those savory stews of fall and winter.  Our 50 lb orders have quickly become our biggest seller over the last few years.  For $225 you get an assortment of steaks, roasts, hamburger, stewing meat, liver, and other desirable meat products from MacCurdy Farm.  Orders usually come with several packages of steak including sirloin, round, prime rib, and t-bone.  You will receive a variety of roasts that include sirloin tip, rump, and cross rib and blade, for example.  Most orders have 15 – 20 lbs of hamburger, which equals approximately 14 – 21 bags of hamburger meat.  Stewing meat (bone-in and boneless), liver, and ox tail are also included.  Should you desire the heart and/or tongue, these products can also be included in the poundage.  You can contact us at the farm 684-4252 (Sandy or Jim) or 684-2297 (Justin) to place an order.

Please be mindful that beef orders are first come, first serve so there is a chance that you will be placed on a waitlist.  We process orders based on demand.  Our beef is professionally butchered at Hornbrook’s Meat Wholesalers in Stone Haven, N.B.  They are a provincially regulated and inspected abattoir.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We pride ourselves on transparency.

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