It is important to note that Shetland sheep are small diminutive sheep with a moderate to high meat to bone ratio but their carcasses result in smaller cuts.  The meat has a slightly gamey taste and is delicious on the stove top or in the oven.  Shetland meat is very flavorful and promises not to disappoint as a culinary treat for our beef and chicken obsessed diets in Northern NB.


Rack of lamb = $10/lb

Lamb chops = $12/lb

Ground lamb = $8/lb

Leg of lamb – $11/lb

Lamb shoulder – $10/lb

Liver – $7/lb

Hogget steaks – $8/lb

Contact us at 685-0429 or via our Facebook page at MacCurdy Farm to make an order.


Shoulder, neck, ground lamb, racks, and chops.