Price list

Below, you will find a PDF link to our print copy price list.  Prices for individual cuts of beef, sides of beef, whole chickens, and eggs are listed.  Please keep in mind that we are able to provide beef and eggs throughout the year but our pastured chicken business is seasonal and availability is limited.  Prices are subject to change.

MacCurdy Farm Price list



5 thoughts on “Price list

  1. Hi we meet at the market last week love your beef very tasty can’t wait to by more…do you sell turkey as we’ll if not do you know who does….you can call me on my cell..7898586 I plan on visiting your farm if it’s ok.i’m a doctor who is looking at second career farming small scale..chickens ,turkey and lots of gardens…thanks


    • I am sold out of turkeys. I wouldn’t know who to suggest in this area. As far as I know, I am the only one who does pastured turkey. If you are interested in reading material on small scale organic farming I would suggest the following authors, Joel Salatin, Elliott Coleman, and Jean Martin Fortier (the market gardener), We are currently assembling our greenhouse on the farm so feel free to stop in.


    • Yes, I had spoken with you. You will find that organic/pastured poultry is a seasonal product. Given that I produce on a small scale (200 meatkings and 50 turkeys). I do not know of anyone raising poultry via my methods but they could be out there. My freezer birds sell out within 1 – 2 months beginning in august. You are welcome to visit the farm whenever you’d like. I can be reached at 685-7741. Sorry for the tardy reply, I just noticed your comment today.


      • Arthur Fontaine

        Hi I’m leaving this weekend so can’t make it to farmer’s market on Saturday I want to buy 10 lbs of hamburg meat or more if possible can I pick it up the following week 17 January ? At the market? Or I can go to your farm directly…let me know thanks


      • You can get it at the farm. I’ll have the order ready. When can you get it?


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