Today’s post is entitled, “Tapadh Leibh”, which is Scots Gaelic for a formal thank you.  I’d like to extend sincerest appreciation to two friends from the Restigouche region, who donated roofing tin and asphalt shingles to our cause.  Generosities like this go a long way in helping new/young farmers stay out of debt in their agricultural pursuits.  Infrastructure, small or big, along with farm machinery are often the most expensive costs for a foray into livestock housing.  We are able to reduce costs by making our infrastructure portable, which lessens the amount of building materials needed to seasonally house livestock.  One can imagine how deflating and defeating it would be to take an industrial approach to farming and have to go in debt in order to build a new state of the art barn, for example.  Grass based farming circumvents that problem completely.  A more natural approach to animal husbandry allows one to slowly grow their farm.  One can grow with the enterprise and learn how to adjust and correct any unforeseen troubles as they are encountered instead of becoming overburdened and worked to exhaustion.

This year we decided to try our luck with pastured chicken and were successful as a farming family.  This winter we will reap the healthy ovalish egg fruit of our laying hens.  Next spring, we will plant our apple orchard and raspberry field.  As we continue to diversify our family farm, we would like to extend an invitation to those of you who are interested in learning about our passion for farming to contact us about farm visits.  Over the years, members of the community of Point La Nim and nearby towns and villages have often stopped in to assist us with haymaking or harvesting our gardens.  As a youngster, I can still picture family friends and community members pulling into the field with their work gloves and pick-up trucks.  Without their help, we would have had many more days making hay under the moon light.  Farming is, in essence, a community driven entity. We believe in paying it forward.  The help of community members and other like-minded organic food enthusiasts can be paid forward in so many ways when you operate a farm.  Food is usually the currency of choice.

In the words of our Scots Gaelic speaking ancestors, “Slainte Mhath!”  In other words, good health to all of you.


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