MacCurdy farm is a multigenerational farm in a couple of senses of the word. It has stood the test of time and today four generations work and enjoy the fruits of the farm. In order for today’s small farm to be successful and sustainable it must be family-friendly. Together, all of us contribute to the success of the farm in one way or another.

Jim & Sandy MacCurdy

Jimmy runs the daily operations on the farm. To name some of the roles he fills: he manages the beef herd, maintains the aesthetic of the property, services the machinery, and practices select cutting our wood lot. He is a sun up to past sun down farmer, a model of hard work and dedication to one’s craft. In the early 1970s Jimmy attended Agricultural college in Truro. However, after the passing of his brother, Jimmy returned home permanently to assist his father with the daily operations of the farm. Always smiling and eager to talk, you can find Jimmy at some location on the farm or within the community, working.

Sandy is our workhorse at the Restigouche Farmer’s market. She also gives her time tirelessly in helping to raise our chicks, making preserves, and managing customer orders over the telephone.  Sandy grew up on a conventional produce farm in the community of Dalhousie Junction so she carries a great deal of experience from her days working in the fields.  As a retired middle school principal, she has carried her management and leadership skills into the vendor booth and delivery vehicle. Always willing to converse with customers about our products she has been and continues to be an invaluable part of our farm outreach and message about local food supply.

Justin & Kelly MacCurdy

Justin has, since his early childhood, always worked on the farm. His summers in highschool and university were spent returning home to Point La Nim to throw hay bales and work the wood lot with his father. He credits his move towards a more involved role on the farm to Joel Salatin and his copious volumes of books on the resurgence of the small family farm through beyond organic methods. Currently Justin works as a middle school math teacher and spends his summers off and time after school farming the land. He feels blessed to follow in the footsteps of both his parents who both came from farming families and have a passion for education. Kelly works as a kindergarten teacher and helps out with the farm operations where time allows. This year, Justin, Kelly, and their children, embarked on their first year of pastured poultry and egg production. They plan on establishing an organic orchard and berry fields next year on the farm. Even when attending university, Justin always felt a calling back home to the farm and he is forever grateful to be able to call the Restigouche Region his home.

Jonathan MacCurdy

Jonathan spends his time managing his produce fields and grows such nutritious and delicious crops as carrots, yellow beans, and strawberries. He practices organic soil management and does everything according to organic standards. His business runs under the name, Natures Estate Farm. He can be found selling his produce at the Restigouche Farmer’s market or researching the latest news on food. Jonathan’s foray into organics and his passion about healthy food supply served to impel MacCurdy Farm to take a stronger stand for natural foods and explore the very vast field of organic livestock and produce management.

Elizabeth MacCurdy

Betty, or Grammy as she is affectionately called, is the matriarch of our family and a symbol of strength and kindness on the farm. Her love of animals and her knack for sharing oral histories about the farm have enriched each of our memory banks. She continues to contribute a great deal to the farm in the form of her home cooking, storytelling, genealogical knowledge, and egg collecting. We are all blessed to have her.