Today’s person is always looking for a way to get ahead, to meet the demands of the debts our society places upon us.  Many of us are married to our jobs, working just to make ends meet, week after week, month after month, year after year.  Our financial burdens quickly morph into stresses, stresses that pile up just like the demands of our jobs, that seem to have no relief.  How can we get ahead?

In 2013, I started a fledgling website/blog as a way to extend my reach to our potential customer base on our family farm.  For 5 years, I posted content and developed a following by local supporters and other like-minded individuals.  However, my plate was piled too high with the demands of my family, my job, my volunteering time, to continue the website without any return.  I decided to try a method of producing passive income in January of 2020.  My research led me to Wealthy Affiliate. My journey began with a desire to relieve financial debt, as many of us desire to do, and produce supplementary income to allow me to continue to farm.  Sometimes our hobbies make up a good portion of our expenses.  Wealthy affiliate is the perfect opportunity for someone who has the time, extra bit of income, and patience to learn something new.


Name:  Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Training: 4.8 out of 5

Support: 4.8 out of 5

WordPress Hosting: 4.8 out of 5

Research Tools: 5 out of 5

Success Stories:

Price: Free to starter members. $49/month at premium level, $30/month with a year subscription.



One of the key features of the WA platform is the accessibility of training for the newbie.  Building a website is a challenge but the WA community along with the training platforms make the experience very achievable and comprehensive so that the every day person can take a passion and turn it into a passive income.

Training is broken up into several categories including your Online Entrepreneur Certification as a starter member and several other categories including Affiliate bootcamp and classroom based training provided by other premium members.  A large part of the training covers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to get traffic to your website.

Some of the training videos are currently outdated as the website interface has changed so the images you are seeing on your computer screen do not match what’s in front of you.  It can and does lead to confusion.  However, WA seems to be continually updating their training programs.


The WA community is very supportive and jump at the opportunity to comment and review your blog posts and website pages so that you have a form of scaffolded education on building your website.  The level of support is endless and is set up in a way that you give and receive feedback.  In the process of reviewing others posts and pages the visual learner can pick and chose elements of another users website that they would like to incorporate into their own website.  You earn coins to use towards receiving feedback by giving feedback and comments on other website content and design.  This can be accessed on the websites menu once you go premium in your subscription.

However, it took some considerable time and effort to transfer my pre-existing website domain to WA as well as have it hosted on WA.  Perhaps, my basic understanding of all things related to computers made it difficult to make these changes but I felt it could have gone much smoother.  In the end it all worked out but in the beginning I had my doubts.  Do you know what I mean?

Word Press Hosting

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Word Press (WP), it is an open-source content management system that many budding bloggers and business owners are using to power up their blogs, business sites, and e-commerce stores.  I have used each to develop a Family Farm website that houses a blog, a business overview menu, and a developing e-commerce store.

Perhaps the most significant element of Wealthy affiliate is the focus on content creation using a website theme from Word Press.  The entire online WA community focuses on creating strong content.  If you are looking to have a website or blog to use with affiliate marketing it is important to have a passion or interest that you can write at length about.  Users can post their website links in classrooms set up to help you with specific issues if you are struggling with creating content. You can then use the feedback to edit your post and treat all of your posts as living documents to be changed or revised as you build your website.  One has to make the decision before registering that they are in fact serious about putting in work daily on their website design and content in order to reap the rewards of affiliate marketing.  This is not a get rich quick scheme!


Most of you, like myself, are probably in the position where dispensable income is minimal but you are really interested in generating passive income to help cover the bills and take care of your loved ones.  That remains my focus but I would caution any of you looking to get rich quick using Wealthy Affiliate.  I have decided to invest 1 year of time into WA to see what it has in terms of payback.  If it covers the monthly expenses and passive income is generated I’ll continue with it.  In the meantime, I am using the resources available on WA to boost my website to professional looking and working website.

Your ultimate decision to use wealthy affiliate comes down to weighing the available dispensable income you have to use to fund your passion versus the potential pay-off.  Starter memberships are free for 7 days, so most people go the route of a premium membership which costs $49/month.  In the end you need to make more than the $49/month to make it worth your while.

Niche Focused Reseach Tools

The owners of WA also own an amazing research tool called Jaaxy.  Jaaxy is a research resource that allows you to find keywords, discover SEO trends, and monitor your website authority.  I use it to come up with quality titles for my posts and pages that have the best odds to rank on google.  Ranking on Google means more traffic and more traffic means an increased likelihood of successful affiliate marketing.

Final Words

As a small business owner who originally developed a website to increase our reach in an effort to revitalize the family farm, Wealthy Affiliate has been the necessary next step in the progression of our family business in our online presence with the added benefit of passive income through affiliate marketing.  The strongest point of my experience has been the community help, along with the help of Kyle and Carson, in helping some with basic website building skills take ownership over the task and find success.  It is too early yet to start to see the fruits of my labor but I am confident it will come, with time, effort, patience, and a willingness to learn.  If you are someone looking to develop an online presence, this could be the opportunity you are looking for.



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